Rejoicing in the New Year..

Hazah! We are back and with two martinis to finish your week off right.

Pepperminty Goodness! Have a bunch of candy canes left over from the tree that may or may not still up at your house? May this candy coated vanilla/marshmellow martini!

The Recipe: (makes 1 drink)

  • Marshmallow sundae topping
  • 2 peppermint candies, crushed
  • Ice
  • 1/4 cup vanilla vodka
  • 1 tablespoon peppermint schnapps
  • 1/4 cup white chocolate liqueur

Pour some of the marshmallow sundae topping into your mixing container and rim your glasses with some. Dip the marshmallow rimmed glass into the peppermint candy crumbs. Mix remaining ingredients, pour into glass and enjoy!

Modifications we made:

Kroger did not have marshmallow sundae topping, as it was cold and December. We improvised by using Marshmallow fluff, added a little bit of water and heated it up. Also we did not feel like spending $30 for a bottle of Godiva white chocolate Liqueur so we used clear Creme de Caoco.

The Reviews:

"I liked it! Very refreshing & Christmas-y. I love the crushed peppermint on the glasses. Only thing missing is a sugar cookie!" - Marilyn

"It smells very inviting. The first sip was very strong but the after taste was nice and minty. The overwhelming alcohol flavor was a little off-putting, but it definitely gets better the more you drink… or maybe you just stop caring ;-) It’s definitely very pretty, although the idea of an opaque martini is a little strange. One Of these would be more than enough, based off it;s alcohol content, flavor and heaviness. - Stephanie

"The drink has great curb appeal, but the inside is a fixer - upper. The visual impression is good- the white snowy drink looks inviting, and the melting christmas candle look of the glass makes it look like a centerpiece. But the drink itself taste boring. There’s very little of interest to the flavor. The fluff adds sweetness, and the peppermint gives some complexity - but, ultimately, I was more interested in the chunks of candy cane at the bottom of the glass." - Glen

"Tastes like like a peppermint pattie - Very sweet but sippable. Would not add something like this a a bar though. Fun and festive! - Bethanne

Now this drink. This martini was fun and simple. We have been informed that this is the replica of the drink from Outback, but you all be the judge!

The Recipe(1 Drink):

  • 1 shot of vodka
  • 1 shot of Baileys
  • 1 shot of Kahlua
  • 1 shot of milk
  • Ice
  • Whipped cream
  • Gingerbread men for the top and crumbs to line the rim!

Using a food processor or blender take some of the gingerbread cookies and grind them up. Dip the rim of the glasses into club soda and then into the gingerbread crumbs. Using a shaker, mix the ingredients with some ice and pour into the glass. Add some whipped cream to the top and garnish with a little gingerbread man!

The Reviews:

"This drink was very sweet! I agree with Sara’s statement that you need to eat the gingerbread cookie as a chaser. It tastes a bit like a sweetened White Russian. This drink is fun, and great for wintertime, but not really my style.” - Jenny
"The cookie crumbles on the sides were pretty but a little weird. Make sure you get the cookie nice and soggy from the martini, it’s soooo good dipped into it.” - Steph
"Strong alcohol burn up front for the first couple of sips, then the whipped cream melted a little bit and mellowed it out. Either that or it was strong enough to frazzle my taste buds before it was halfway over. It made me think of a less intense, less sweet version of the Murph X Bushwacker. All things considered, the best part was the alcohol-sodden gingerbread man. It was like dipping a cookie in incredibly alcoholic chocolate milk." -Glen
"This drink just might be one of my favorites to date. I get the two "shaken, not stirred" element to a martini now! The ice flakes really added a complexity to this drink and the mushy cookie crumbs were so tasty to lick and then drink, almost like a chaser! It was so good I took a sippy cup of it home with me!" - Nicole
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