That Time of Year

Inspired by the fact that our entire office got suckered into buying multiple boxes of girl scout cookies from a determined little 7 year old, this drink is for all of you girl scouts. Of course, not till you of age though. Oh, and PS… What is with the name change of the cookies girls? It’s called a Tagalong. Get it right.

The Recipe:

-3 parts Chocolate Ice Cream

-1 part Milk

-3 spoonfuls peanut butter

-half shot - shot of Whiskey per drink you plan on making

-6 Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies

The Reviews:

"Friggin’ tasty. I couldn’t taste the alcohol very well, but that’s fine. Would make this myself!" - Steph

"Awesome!! Adult chocolate peanut butter milkshake with girl scout cookies - doesn’t get any better than that!" -Marilyn

"Nom. Favorite by far. I’ll probably have more than one." - Stephanie

"Pro: I could not taste the booze. Con: I could not taste the booze " - Anonymous 

"That was deadly good. love the alcoholic milkshake, but it packed a punch!" - Anonymous

"Yum! Peanut butter, chocolate and Alcohol?!? Awesome!” - Melissa

I have to admit, if I were going to go for a Girl Scout Cookie drink, this wouldn’t have immediately sprung to mind. Thin Mints seem like the immediate choice, and possibly Samoas. But man, did this drink work. Very rich chocolate and peanut butter flavor with a refreshing milky texture and just the barest hit of an alcohol flavor. Of course, now I wish I had cookies….” - Glen

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